7 Reasons Why Standing is Awesome (and sitting is not): Reason #4

by Dr. David Sloan, D.C., DIBCN, FIACN and Dr. Heather Sloan, D.C.

Standing burns calories

Here’s the reason you’ve all been waiting for. That’s right, folks! Standing can help you lose weight! Specifically, standing burns a lot more calories than sitting. How much more? Let’s let Dr. Heather and Dr. Dave give us the facts:

Dr. Heather and Dr. Dave:

A muscle needs to contract and lengthen in order to function. When our muscles move, they use up energy (calories). But muscles aren’t the only things that burn calories. 20% of the calories you burn during the day are burned by your brain. The more your brain works, the more calories you burn. Movement stimulates the motor (or movement) centers of your brain as well as the balance and coordination areas.

During the process of our bodies moving, we burn calories not only in our muscles, but also by sending immense amounts of information into the brain. Swap sitting 8 hours a day for standing and you will burn 90,000 more calories per year. That’s about the same as running 30 marathons (and way easier)!

Since our bodies work on the “use it or lose it” principle, we want to use all of our brain and all of our body. By having a wide variety of movement, we activate our brains in a wide variety of ways. As we keep our bodies healthy and moving, we likewise keep our brains active and healthy. But all this activation doesn’t happen when you are stuck in a seated position. So we’ll say it again: you need to move!

We hope you’ve been enjoying this series, and have been learning a lot about how our bodies and brains interact in seated and standing positions. Let us know if you have any questions or comments about what you’ve learned so far by posting on our Facebook page. Be sure to stay tuned for next week’s topic, where we’ll be talking specifically about keeping stability in our hips and lower back.


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