Stress Reduction with Chiropractic

Dave and I had the opportunity to attend a fantastic chiropractic conference over the weekend. The overlying theme across every speaker’s topic was the effects of stress on the body. I have been in the chiropractic profession for 26 years (yikes! I am getting old), and this was the first conference I have attended with a common theme beyond subluxation to the spine. We are really excited to share some of the amazing research coming out about how an adjustment helps trigger the receptors in the brain to help promote relaxation in the body.

The sympathetic nervous system controls all muscle tone in the body. The more stressed out you are, the tighter your muscles are going to be. A chiropractic adjustment fires off mechano-receptors (joint nerves) that help to turn off the sympathetic nervous system. This allows you to have better movement and a sense of ease. (Winsor/Korr)

This is such good news!

One of the things that Dave and I talk about is that it doesn’t matter how amazing and organic your food and supplements are if your central nervous system is not healthy. If your nerves are in a constant state of stress, none of those amazing nutrients will be utilized correctly. Fortunately, a chiropractic adjustment can help your nervous system get back in line and functioning properly (see quote above). So when you come in for your adjustments, please tell us about your stress levels so we can work together to come up with a plan.

Our biggest goal for our family this year is to simplify our life where we can, and practice more relaxation and joy. Dave and I are going to start our personal stress reduction plan by getting adjusted more. And now that Jack is a little older, he has become quite direct about when and where he needs to be adjusted. I love how kids know when there is stress in their spine! Many of the kids we have been seeing in our office for years now tell their parents when their spine needs an adjustment. (A couple of those kids are even old enough to drive themselves to their adjustments. Whoa!) Both kids and adults benefit from chiropractic care by learning positive ways to reduce stress and nurture their bodies.

Over the years, our practice community has become our family. You have all brought so much joy and laughter into our office over the past 14 years. Let’s keep the party going and make it even better by reducing our stress, supporting each other and getting adjusted!

 –Dr. Heather


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