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Chiropractic is now the largest health care profession in the world, with a focus on the nervous system—the master control system of the body—which controls and coordinates all systems and functions within the body. The nervous system is designed to keep your body working at the highest level possible. Chiropractic is dedicated to removing nerve interference that may reduce the function of the nervous system, allowing your body to create the best healing environment. All of this is done without using drugs, medicine, surgery or invasive tools and procedures.


Massage is a great complement to chiropractic care and can help speed the recovery process. Because there are many muscle attachments along the spine as well as the pelvic area, releasing these muscle restrictions can be a very important component to your chiropractic care. Massage may also help reduce stress, early stages of chronic fatigue and increase circulation and lymph flow.

Rebekah Zal, LMT provides massage in our Olympia office every morning, Monday through Friday. Schedule with her at schedulicity.com or call 360-556-7840.


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